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General Cautions for Spas and Hot Tubs

And a cover should be kept on spas and hot tubs when not in use so to protect small children from entering and possibly drowning. A small investment such as this could save you months of doctor bills for a broken limb or other embarrassing injuries that could be caused by slipping.

The increase in your body's temperature could lead to a stroke or heart attack as well, which is why those with heart disease or other related diseases should limit their hot tub usage. Another thing that has come up with the usage of spas and hot tubs is the risk of longer hair becoming entangled in drains. Newer models have put covers on drains to prevent longer hair from becoming sucked in and tangled.


Incidents of those with longer hair getting their hair sucked into drains, pulling them under water causing drowning. So it's a good idea not to try and mix them as it could cause you to black out and the final results will be drowning.

However small and safe hottubs should not be under estimate, they can potentially be just and dangerous as a full size pool.

When in a hot tub your body temperature rises and your blood vessels expand, alcohol has this same effect on the body.

A good idea for your and others safety while entering and exiting the spas and hut tubs is to have small stairs and a railing for getting in and out. The risk of electrocution is not worth it as there may be no one around to pull you out of such a death trap. Some things you should remember in general include cautiousness when; using alcohol or taking certain prescription drugs while in a hottub, hottub temperature, use of electrical devices, spa cover, safety rails/steps and bathing with other people.


Length of time spent in a hot tub, using when you know you have a certain disorder such as heart disease or pregnancy, small children or infants and hair entanglement. Hyper thermal is caused by extended stays in high heats can cause blackout and death. . Hot tubs should not be used if you are pregnant. So if you have longer hair it is important to be aware of the hottub you are using or make sure you make appropriate steps to make sure your hair doesn't come near any drains or other vents.

Hottub temperature should not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the amount of time spent in spas and hot tubs should not exceed 15 minutes at a time. Prescription drugs, you should double check with your doctor before using while bathing in spas and hot tubs. Some high end spas and hot tubs contain built in radios and such so there is no need for an external device.

Use of electrical devices while in a hottubs should never be done.


Temperatures above 101 degrees should be avoided if you are pregnant as such temperatures show and increase in birth defects.

Smaller children should not be allowed in a hottub alone

Post by earl3oneill0 (2017-03-20 20:27)

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